The Imbirikani Group Ranch Managing Committee agreed to grant 50 acres for the purpose of building a secondary school for girls. The first phase of the school, which consisted of dormitory space, classrooms, teachers’ houses, a kitchen, and other related facilities, was completed in early 2006, and the Imbirkani Girls High School, which is owned and operated by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA), opened with 40 students. Over the past several years, additional dormitories, dining hall, kitchens and related facilities have been constructed, giving the school the capacity for 300 students. In 2008, an additional facility for mission teams was constructed to provide accommodations for mission teams.

A multi-purpose building that serves as a chapel, dining hall, and assembly room and a university-level computer lab and science building contribute to making the Imbirikani Girls High School an excellent college-preparatory secondary school, and the provider of the education that is desperately needed by the young women of this indigenous tribe.

The Highland Park Presbyterian Church has been continually involved in the project and formed relationships with the PCEA. A mission team with 10-12 HPPC church members has come to the campus in Kenya for the past 5 years to conduct Christian Growth Seminars that ultimately touch the lives of over 2,500 people in the area each year, and mxany other discipleship and evangelist initiatives have been launched as a result. These mission teams also assist the PCEA by constructing new churches in the area.

To learn more about the mission of this high school, and its success in fulfilling the great commission to disciple God’s people and in bringing appropriate reform to this culture, please watch the video on the left, explore this website, and contact


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