How to Become a Sponsor

Thank you for your interest in our sponsorship program! This will undoubtedly be a rewarding experience for you, but more importantly, you will be changing the life of a young Kenyan girl by providing her with an Imbirikani Girls High School education.

  • Sponsor 10 girls for a year $6,000 @ $600 per girl
  • Sponsor 5 girls for a year $3,000 @ $600 per girl
  • Sponsor 1 girl for a year $600
  • Sponsor 1 girl on a quarterly basis $150 per quarter for one year
Your sponsorship of $600 per girl includes tuition and fees, school uniforms and room and board.

Please contact to notify us of your intent, and please make your checks to:

“Sky Ranch-Imbirikani Sponsor”
Clyde Jackson
Suite 650, LB 149
600 N Pearl St
Dallas, TX 75201


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